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EGU2014 Webstreaming

Journalists, science writers, bloggers: if you wish to ask questions remotely during the press conferences, you can do so using Skype or Twitter. Add to your Skype contacts and ask questions using the text chat feature, or tag your tweets with #askEGU to query panellists. Please indicate who your question is for when asking. During each press conference, a member of the EGU press team will monitor the chat line and the Twitter feed and read your questions out loud. For more information, check the Press Conferences page on the EGU media website.

Any queries related to press conferences should be directed to the EGU Media and Communications Manager, Bárbara Ferreira at

Selected sessions as well as all press conferences during the General Assembly 2014 will be live-streamed and are also available on demand after the conference. Below you find the overall webstreaming programme. Once the individual sessions start, a link opening the respective stream will appear:

Monday, 28 April 2014

Face of the Earth Keynote Lecture: Rocks of the Earth
13:30–14:30 / Y1 /  Details /  Stream

Press Conference 1
Sinking coastal cities
14:00–15:00 / Press Centre /  Details /  Stream

Press Conference 2
Hydrological challenges facing the planet
15:10-16:10 / Press Centre /  Details /  Stream

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

The Role of Geoscientists in Public Policy
10:30-12:00 / R1 /  Details /  Stream

Press Conference 3
The changing Arctic
12:00-13:00 / Press Centre /  Details /  Stream

Arthur Holmes Medal Lecture by Kevin C.A. Burke
12:15-13:15 / R1 /  Details /  Stream

Press Conference 4
The Anthropocene: are we living in the age of humans?
13:00–14:00 / Press Centre /  Details /  Stream

Face of the Earth Keynote Lecture: Waters of the Earth
13:30–14:30 / B10 /  Details /  Stream

Press Conference 5
Looking in to the past to predict future climate: new results from IODP and Past4Future programmes
14:00–15:30 / Press Centre /  Details /  Stream

Face of the Earth Union Symposium
15:30-17:00 / Y1 /  Details /  Stream

Press Conference 6
Sights and sounds: volcanoes on Earth and Mars
15:30–16:30 / Press Centre /  Details /  Stream

Press Conference 7
Cassini and Saturn: the 10th anniversary and new results
16:30–17:30 / Press Centre /  Details /  Stream

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Press Conference 8
Shedding light on lightning – in the lab and extrasolar objects
09:00–10:00 / Press Centre /  Details /  Stream

Press Conference 9
IPCC media briefing
12:00-13:30 / Press Centre /  Details /  Stream

Face of the Earth Keynote Lecture: Life of the Earth
13:30–14:30 / G11 /  Details /  Stream

Press Conference 10
The new face of the Moon: science and exploration
13:30–14:40 / Press Centre /  Details /  Stream

IPCC Climate Change 2013 / 2014: Findings and Lessons Learned
15:30-17:00 / R6 /  Details /  Stream

Metals in our backyard: to mine or not to mine
15:30-17:00 / Y1 /  Details/  Stream

EGU Award Ceremony
18:00-19:00 / R1 /  Details /  Stream

Thursday, 01 May 2014

Press Conference 11
The unusual suspects – applying geoscience to crops, coffee, forensics and wine
10:00–11:00 / Press Centre /  Details /  Stream

Press Conference 12
Fingerprints of life: from the early Earth to outer space
11:00–12:00 / Press Centre /  Details /  Stream

Lithosphere dynamics, intraplate deformation, and sedimentary basins
10:30-12:00 / R1 /  Details /  Stream

Jean Dominique Cassini Medal Lecture by Stamatios M. Krimigis
12:15-13:15 / R1 /  Details /  Stream

Face of the Earth Keynote Lecture: Atmosphere of the Earth
13:30–14:30 / R1 /  Details /  Stream

Geoengineering the climate: the way forward?
15:30-17:00 / Y1 /  Details /  Stream

Friday, 02 May 2014

Alexander von Humboldt Medal Lecture by Pradeep Mujumdar
12:15-13:15 / R1 /  Details /  Stream

Face of the Earth Keynote Lecture: Space and the Earth
13:30–14:30 / R1 /  Details /  Stream